Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Grand Kids

Anon is my favorite author and he's at it again!

"A grandchild fills a space in your heart that you never knew was empty." -Anon

What made me think of that was an email I got today from Bob Ellis containing a couple of pictures of his grand kids. Since most of us have grand kids, I proposed at last night's CHS54 bored meeting that we begin a new feature here on the website to highlight our grand kids...and yes, our great grand kids when they start showing up.

The rules are simple: email up to 2 pictures (no more at a time please...or they may not fit in my mail box) The best address to use is shephard@gmail.com

That's it. They're not all going to be young and cuddly like this one:

This is my granddaughter Danielle Nicole Hines. Can you look in those blue eyes, check out that hat and tell me she is NOT a true Southern Belle ???  -Bob Ellis

Or, smart as a whip, like this one:

This is my grandson David Lee Hines. Those glasses make him look NEARLY as smart as his grandfather.. -Bob Ellis

And some may need a bit of explanation:

This is one of those pictures "that's worth a thousand words." These are our two youngest grand kids, Jason Myers, who is serious and studious and his brother Randy who should be wearing clown shoes most of the time.  -Ed Myers

So, this is the chance for all of us proud grand parents to show off our fantastic grand kids!

Attach the pictures and send them to:


If the pictures don't show up in a day or two after you've sent them, email me again to make sure I received them!   -Ed