Saturday, March 10, 2012


That headline is surely “over the top” for the small victory that I learned about from the Rush Limbaugh Show on Friday.

A caller said there was a company that redesigned the manufacturing process used to make incandescent light bulbs....enabling it to legally keep on selling Thomas Edison's invention to the American public...thereby landing the first good punch to the jaw of our out of control nanny state.

I was saving that headline for November, but the squiggly mercury bulb mandate got under my skin something awful.
Besides, there's no law (yet) that says I can't shout the GH words more than once.

Larry Birnbaum, Founder
I went to the company's website, and found that the genius behind this is a New Jersey businessman named Larry Birnbaum who has founded a company called Epic Light Bulb.

He calls his bulbs, which are ALL made in the USA, Newcandescent bulbs.

On the other hand, the Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) are  manufactured in China and if dropped and burst require you to leave the room for at least 15 minutes or so because of the mercury they contain. They can be very dangerous.

I heard someone say that having a CFL bulb in your house is like "having a snake in there. It gets rid of the rodents, still have a snake in your house."

Birnbaum says his U.S. Made newcandescent bulbs are just as efficient and long-lasting as CFLs.

10 Million Dollar Prize

Meanwhile, five years ago the brilliant people who banned the incandescent bulbs offered a 10 million dollar prize for the first person or company who came up with an inexpensive replacement for the incandescent bulb.

The winner of the L Prize was a Dutch Company, Phillips, whose prize winning bulbs will be in hardware stores this Spring and are priced at only $50 each.

Please note, these geniuses in charge of the Nanny Bureau in Washington are the same ones who will be in charge of your health care next year....


Meanwhile I'll have my GH headline available.