Wednesday, April 11, 2012

LDL #42

Marlene Beaty


Naw, just dislocated.

Jerry Gaudet has the details:

By Jerry Gaudet
Theme by Mary Sue

Yet another Central High Class of 1954 "LDL" (Let's Do Lunch) is in the books.  This one was number 42 and as always on the second Tuesday of the month, we gathered at Jimmies Restaurant in Mint Hill.  Mary Sue met us with cheerful decorations acknowledging the arrival of spring...

John Young

The very first arrival was John Young, a graduate of Tech High in 1954, who had gone through Piedmont with those of our class who had travelled that route. He had "heard" that CHS'54 "LDL" were just the very best and came to see for himself.  He didn't seem to be disappointed and we certainly enjoyed his being with us...

Thomas Beaty
Marlene Beaty
While we have missed all of you who have not made it to an "LDL" lately, there are many who come regularly and in some case "no matter what".  Marlene Beaty was our "no matter what" winner this month, attending in spite of having suffered a fall that resulted in her elbow being dislocated...

Maybe next month will be a good time for you.   To come and join us, that is...not to be our "no matter what" attendee.  -JG

Bob Ellis Comments:


Looking at the LDL photos tonight, I noticed that John Young was in attendance. John and I were in the 4th grade together. In the attached photo John is the 6th from the right on the 3rd row. That nice looking boy 7th from the right on the 2nd row is non less than ME... Small, small world..

As I have said before and is worth repeating---BOTH of you do a great job. This person really appreciates all the time and effort that both of you do for the class of '54.


Mrs. White's 4th Grade Class at Villa Heights 1945 - 46