Sunday, May 06, 2012

Asking for Prayers

(I realised how small and insignificant my everyday problems are when I received this email from Don and Letty Nance this morning:  -Ed)

Hello friends, It's me asking for prayers again.

Our 23 year old grandson, Nathan Nance, was in a car accident last night. He underwent extensive surgery lasting most of today to put rods in both bones of his lower leg. We have just received word that his neck is clear, something that appeared to be a problem this morning, but with the good news about the neck, he will be able to have his arm repaired early next week. He has no feeling in that hand, but last report was that he could move those fingers. The bone in his arm was broken and protruding through the skin. Pain is tremendous. He has worked for Domino's for years and has no insurance. While many prayers on his behalf have already been answered, including the fact that since the vehicle rolled over on top of him he still lives, he still needs prayers for there will be many hard days to come.

We will leave tomorrow morning to go to see him. He is in the Carolina Memorial Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC.

Don had surgery three weeks ago to repair a tear in the rotator cuff, right arm, of course. He has gotten along very well and has not starved trying to eat with his left hand yet. We are told that the hard part comes with the therapy which will come in two more weeks. Pray for him also,

We hope all of your family are well.

My love,
Letty Nance