Sunday, May 20, 2012

Senator Jennie

According to the "Official Senior Citizen's Manual," when you get to be our age, you naturally "slow down" and take it easy.

It's come to my attention that not all of you are following those rules.

Jennie Forehand
Take, for example, Maryland State Senator Jennie (Margaret) Forehand.
Jennie sent me an email this week listing some of the legislation she was working on for her constituents this year.  It wore me out, just reading it!

Half way down the list, I realized that of all the people I know, Jennie is the one most likely to have a large  highway  named after her someday.

"This is the first draft of my successful legislation for 2012 Session. I just thought you might
find it interesting to see the variety of issues I dealt with this year. It was probably the best
year I’ve ever had with the passage of 11 (personal) bills……plus the others that I helped with.

Hope you are well! CHEERS! 

 Jennie Forehand"

Senator Jennie M. Forehand


Maryland State House
Estates - Small Estate Administration - Eligibility Thresholds
Maryland Uniform Transfers to Minors Act - Orphans' Court
Estates and Trusts - Allowance for Funeral Expenses
Estates and Trusts - Maryland Uniform Principal and
Income Act - Certain Payments to and from Trusts
Senate: Judicial Proceedings House: Judiciary
General and Limited Power of Attorney Act


Became Law - Maryland Bond Bill - Mental Health Association HVAC Replacement
- Chapter 46 Motor Vehicles - Child Safety Seats - Requirements
National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline Information - Sign Posting Requirements
Creation of a State Debt - Montgomery County - VisArts $20,000
Creation of a State Debt - Montgomery County - TLC's Katherine Thomas School $50,000
Tobacco Tax - Healthy Maryland Initiative (INCLUDED IN GOVERNOR’S BUDGET)
Vehicle Laws - Prohibition Against Smoking in Vehicle Containing Young Child

Did not pass in House: Vehicle Laws - Title and Registration - Transfer to Surviving Spouse

Passed: Criminal Procedure - Expungement of Criminal Charge Transferred to Juvenile Court
Budget and Taxation - Capital Bond: Gaithersburg Upcounty Senior Center $150,000 bond bill

Became Law - Chapter 292
Vehicle Laws - U.S. Foreign Service Members Absent from State - Effective Period of Driver's License

Maryland BOND BILL: City of Rockville - Swim and Fitness Center --$20,000 bond bill
Became Law - Chapter 324
Fiduciary Institutions - Protection of Elder Adults from financial abuse
financial Abuse - Reporting Requirements
Children in Need of Assistance and Child Abuse and Neglect - Sexual Abuse – Definition
(includes “children” who are victims of human trafficking)

Senator Forehand’s Co-sponsored Bills

Became Law
Jury Service - Employers - Prohibited Acts
Crimes - Electronic Communication - Harassment
Became Law - Chapter 4
Kathleen A. Mathias Chemotherapy Parity Act of 2012
Became Law -
Agriculture - Maryland Standard of Identity for Honey
Became Law -
Environment - Recycling - Apartment Buildings and Condominiums
Became Law -
Drivers' Licenses and Identification Cards - Notation of Veteran Status
Failed: Passed in Senate, but was never voted on in House Judiciary
Vehicle Laws - Accidents Resulting in Death - Appearance in Court for Traffic Citations
Education - Veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq Conflicts Scholarship - Extension
Education - Core Content Areas - Accountability Program
Family Farm Preservation Act of 2012
Became Law
Commercial Law - Security Freezes - Minors and Protected Persons
Passed Enrolled
Income Tax Credit - Security Clearances - Employer Costs
Became Law
Mopeds and Motor Scooters - Titling, Insurance, and Required Use of Protective Headgear
State Personnel - Traumatic Events - Mental Health Support Services
Budget and Taxation –included in budget language
Estate Tax - Exclusion of Qualified Agricultural Property
Passed Enrolled
State Government - Brokerage and Investment Management Services - Use of Minority Business
Enterprises - Application
DID NOT PASS : Domestic Violence - Persons Eligible for Relief and Orders to Vacate Home

Passed Education - Age for Compulsory Public School Attendance - Exemptions
Passed Life Sciences Advisory Board - Purpose and Membership
Passed - Handling Human Remains with Dignity Act of 2012
Bill is in the Senate - Highway User Revenue Distribution (in Budget language)
Bill is in the Senate - Transportation Trust Fund - Financing - Use of Funds (in budget language)
In Budget: Montgomery County - Montgomery Village South Valley Park $$$$
Passed State Government - Financial Education and Capability Commission (financial literacy)
Passed Job Creation Tax Credit - Termination Provisions
Passed Continuing Care Retirement Communities - Regulation

Referred to interim study: Vehicle Laws - Speed Monitoring Systems - Enforcement
Passed: Maryland After-School and Summer Opportunity Fund Program
Became Law - - Criminal Procedure - Sex Offender Registration Requirements - Kidnapping
Became Law - Chapter 79 Home Visiting Accountability Act of 2012
Passed Enrolled Task Force to Study the Establishment of a Deaf Culture Digital Library
Did not pass House Judiciary Committee: Criminal Law - First Degree Assault - Strangulation
Did not pass: Child Sexual Abuse Reporting - Training of School Employees
Did not pass: Criminal Law - Flavored Cigars - Prohibition on Sale
Chapter 276 Public Safety - Possession of Firearms - Crimes Committed in Other States
Did not pass: Criminal Law - Third Degree Sexual Offense - Burglary
Passed - Domestically Related Crimes - Reporting (for data collection)
Became Law
Public Safety - Impersonating a Police Officer - WMATA Metro Transit Police
Higher Education - Community Colleges - Tuition Waiver for Disabled Individuals
Did not pass House Judiciary:
Courts and Judicial Proceedings - Prohibition Against Testimony by Convicted Perjurer - Repeal
Became Law
Health Insurance - Habilitative Services - Required Coverage, Workgroup, and Technical Advisory
Became Law
Courts and Judicial Proceedings - Witnesses - Privileged Communications or Information Involving
Labor Organizations
Did not pass…may be in budget language
Sales and Use Tax - Tax-Free Periods - University and College Textbooks
Did not pass: Education - Maintenance of Effort - Waiver of Penalty
Courts and Judicial Proceedings - Maryland Mediation Confidentiality Act
Did not pass: Criminal Procedure - Seizure and Forfeiture - Property Used in Human Trafficking
Fiduciary Institutions - Protection of Elder Adults from
Financial Abuse - Reporting Requirements
Did not pass in House Medical Marijuana - Caregivers - Certificate of Qualifying Patient

And finally, Maryland Ratification of the 17th Amendment to the United States Constitution

Say What?

That''s right. So it took them a hundred years?

Picky, picky!

They've been busy.


(Maryland's General Assembly took a historic step in the legislative session that ended this week. It voted to ratify the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution nearly a century after it was adopted. The 17th amendment mandates that U.S. Senators be elected by a popular vote rather by state legislatures. It was passed by Congress in 1912, and three-quarters of states ratified it by spring of 1913 -- but Maryland was not among them.)