Monday, June 18, 2012

Over Worked Week?

Well, not really. But definitely UNDER NAPPED!

That's my excuse for being so late reporting on the events of last week's LDL extravaganza...and I'm sticking with it!

Thankfully, our roving reporter, Warren Sparrow and his sidekick Becky were on the scene......and here is that report:

"Becky and I went to the CHS Mint Hill lunch.  It was neat.

We went with Kay and Tommy Hurt, so in addition to the LDL pics, I took the opportunity to peek into the Hurt's garage and got a couple of shots of this beauty from 1957 ! 

They give new meaning to the Capital One line: "What's in your wallet?"

In addition to these two gorgeous old Chevies, the Hurts have another one at the house on the coast.  Tommy restored all of them ! 



Here is a trivia note from LDL 44.

   Remember that basketball game when your gang (Piedmont) held the ball and AG Coach George Powell pulled his team off the court?  Today there were three members of the AG team at the luncheon:  Tommy Hurt, Gene Lookabill and me.  It is also noteworthy that Gene and Tommy married Piedmont girls.  I married a Yankee.  The three of us have been married for over 50 years, I think.  I know Tommy and I have been and I feel sure Gene and Jackie Hart (She did go to Piedmont, did she not?) have been married that long, too.

Keep paddling.  Thanks for listening. "

(Editor's note:  Now we know the REAL reason AG lost that game;  the last thing the Bulldog players were thinking of that day was basketball.  They were too busy watching the Piedmont girls!  -Ed )