Wednesday, July 04, 2012

...and the flag was still there

This is the "Betsy Ross Flag" that Warren and Becky Sparrow Fly over their house every 4th of July.
This particular flag was the third one Betsy  made for George Washington's approval.  The first one she made had the stripes going vertically. The second one featured stars with six points. This flag was her final version. She told George that making flags was a lot of damn work, so if he didn't like this one, then he would have to make the next one himself.
Hence the expression, "Let George Do it."
Now, this bit of nonsense was written by your loveable, handsome and modest webmaster, whose brain was obviously seriously damaged by the early "fireworks" we had up here in the Washington area on Friday.
It was officially called a Super Derecho "A Land Hurricane" and slammed into this area Friday evening with 80 mph winds that leveled trees and telephone poles and roofs and just about everything else in its path. Power is still out in many places around here but ours was out for only 2 days.

We were very lucky!  I don't believe I could have survived one more day of 100 degree temperatures without air conditioning!

I remember my early DJ days of informing listeners that the elderly should try to stay inside and cool on hot days.  Now that I are one, I understand WHY.  I don't believe I've been so uncomfortable in all my life!   -Ed

Now, here is Warren Sparrow with the "Rest of the Story..."

"The flag was a gift from Ambrose J. Hinnegan who died about two years ago.  "Andy" was a Philadelphia lawyer, having moved to Winston-Salem late in his career.  His wife Ellen (also deceased) was an antique collector.  I have no idea how they acquired the flag.  All I know is Andy delivered the flag to me in 1986, the year I was running for Forsyth County District Attorney. Andy was a big help in that first campaign, planting yard signs throughout the city.

We have been flying it in front of the house during national holidays for 26 years.  We have never had it cleaned.

Sorry the story is not more exciting.  For all I know it flew on the the sloop Wasp, one of the first ships of the Continental Navy. Happy 4th of July!


"Derecho"  June 29, 2012  Falls Church, VA

"It's an ill wind that blows no good." -Anon