Monday, July 09, 2012

Visitor from the "Beehive State"

What's that old quotation that goes something like..."When Muhammad can't go to the mountain, then the Mountain comes to Muhammad.....whatever."

Obie and Maxyne
I thought about that when I learned that Maxyne Motte Yawarsky had traveled all the way from Utah (the Beehive State) to visit her sisters and, of course, join us for one of our LDLs, if possible.  Unfortunately, her sisters live in Blowing Rock, NC. which, is quite a ways from Jimmie's of Mint Hill. However, compared to Utah, it's very close to Obie Oakley's summer home in the Highlands Ever vigilant in his duties as our roving CHS54 good will ambassador, Oakley, treated Maxyne to some real southern LDL hospitality at one of Blowing Rock's finest restaurants.

At the next Bored of Directors Meeting, I'm going to apply for the job of  "CHS roving good will ambassador"

and let Obie have this damn webmaster job.   -Ed