Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ctl+ Alt+ Del

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Ed             Chuck Langdon           Ellouise
I taped an interview with Ellouise for my show on Fairfax, VA cable television last week. As usual, she was terrific!

Although, we talked a lot about Charlotte and Central High School, I believe a general audience will be able to relate and enjoy the show as well.

I'll post it here as soon as it's edited...probably in about 3 weeks.


While walking along the highway,  what did the Mama ketchup bottle say to the slow walking baby ketchup bottle?


Derek Knell told that joke to me in “shop” one day when we were both in the 7th grade at Piedmont Junior High. School.

My mind is full of stuff like that. I think that’s why I spend so much of my time in these “happily ever after years,” walking into rooms and then wondering why I went in there in the first place.

I know what the problem is.

Simply put, my brain is FULL!

What I need is for someone to invent some kind of “Brainware” program that will defrag the human brain, much like you “defrag” a computer…to clean out all those old files that are taking up so much space.

Just think what we could do with a couple more GIGS of memory

Looking through some of the old files last night, I started marking some that I’m going to delete as soon as that defragger comes on the market.. For example in the folder labeled STADIUM there’s a file labeled RIDING A WILD ANIMAL IN THE RODEO.. That was when I was 7 years old and stood in line with a bunch of other little kids at a Rodeo performance and was placed on an old donkey for about a 10 second ride. It made me feel like Gene Autry for about a week.

And speaking of Gene, under ARMORY AUDITORIUM there’s a file about seeing Gene in person one time when he performed in Charlotte. He was about 45 minutes late and word was going around that the singing cowboy was drunk!

Of course, I didn’t believe a word of it. 

Gene Autry drunk?  Balderdash!

When the concert finally started, Gene was terrific!

It was a wonderful memory, but I can delete that file, since no one under 70 years old knows who Gene Autry was.

I have another file labeled Roy Rogers that I can get rid of too. Besides, I can still go visit Trigger anytime I want to; he's in a museum some place. Roy had him stuffed .

As far as I know, Red Ryder never visited Charlotte, but Little Beaver did. And I was there! I think the only time that comic strip appeared  in the Charlotte News was in the Saturday afternoon editions, but those comics were in COLOR, so it made it worth the wait. To this day, seeing a picture of a Red Ryder Comic book has the same soothing effect on me that it did in the 1940's when it pushed that button in my brain and  turned on that "Oh boy, it's only Saturday and I have one more free day before I go back to school..." feeling,

Little Beaver appeared once in person at the Visualite Theatre. And so did another hero of mine, “Lash Larue.” Lash didn’t use a gun, he used a "WHIP…and he could snap the guns from evil doers in the blink of an eye!

I was sitting in the second row of the theatre that day…which seemed like a brilliant move on my part, but turned out to be a big mistake. Being almost next to my hero Lash, I happened to notice that he had a fairly sizeable hole in his shirt. (Now whoever heard of a hero with a hole in his shirt? 

I can't explain my over-reaction to that minor flaw but in my young, almost empty brain back then, it seemed to me that there was just something "not right" about a hero having  a hole in his shirt.  That small flaw certainly took the shine off Lash Larue for me.  

Perhaps having too much "free space" in the brain is just as bad as having "not enough." 

Besides, that was the day I learned that the front row seats are NOT the place to be at a "kiddie show." That's where the empty candy boes and spit balls and ...yes chewed up bubble gum, etc that are thrown at the bad guys on the screen....finally land.

Thats right bubble gum.

Right on top of my head.

In my hair.

The only positive thing I can say about that is that it took my Mom's mind off
the idea that I deliberately looked for mud holes to be takeled in when playing sand lot (mud lot) football games.

I'm sure Lash woiuld have snapped that gum right out of the air before it landed on my head....if only he didn't have that damm hole in his shirt, but...

I'll be deleting more files while waiting for that defragger to be invented...

Then, there's one..called,  "The night a man fired off a flame thrower in Memorial Stadium."  

I was there. be continued.


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