Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Good Evening Mr. and Mrs. America...and all the Ships at Sea

(I know better than to think that just because we haven't heard from the CHS54 Energizer Bunny, Obie Oakley, for some time now that he has been resting, taking it easy, or simply goofing off.
Nope. Not at all  Here is the latest report from The Wound Up Cyclotron of the Highlands  -Ed) 

 Let's Go To Press

         By Obie Oakley

Gene Autry

Let's see, where to start. Perhaps I'll wade in on an item from CHS 54. I am sure you and I were there in the Armory Auditorium at the same time when Gene Autrey and Champion came to town. I remember vividly how the show ended. The lights dimmed and Champion with Gene astride struck a pose which resembled and Indian on a mountain top. All four of the horses feet (hooves?) were together and the neck bent toward the ground. I think it was on a Sunday afternoon. When you finish with the defragging machine, please let me borrow it.

The Highlands
Life continues to be good to the Oakley's. We are spending more and more time in Highlands. With my involvement in the Freedom Foundation, I still go back and forth to Charlotte about every ten days to keep connected there. It's still a 360 mile round trip but not all that bad and it gives me time to be alone and do some creative thinking.

We are going through one of those “end of the season” busy times with get togethers, socials, dinners… yah di yah di yah di. When my kids leave on Tuesday, we will have had fifteen out of eighteen evenings involving some sort of activity. Throw the diet out the window. Throw the alcohol moderation out the window. Weight is up ten pounds...too many martinis.

Have I ever mentioned our little stone barn that sits on the hill behind our house? Frances' grandmother had it built in the early forties and it actually housed a goat and pony at one time. Right after we were married we turned it into a place where we enjoy entertaining. We put pavers on the floor, raised the rafters and put in some windows and it is now a wonderful place to have up to 20 friends in for dinner. There is no electricity so all the light comes from candles.

So far this year we have had 4 "barn parties" and I kiddingly say an invitation there is the hottest ticket in town.

Several weeks ago friends approached us and asked if we would consider putting one of our barn dinners in an auction benefiting the local humane society. We had done something similar two years ago for the Child Development Center. We agreed and on Wednesday evening attended a “Bark, BBQ and Bluegrass” party which was huge. When we learned our “Barn Dinner” was being put into the live auction we were concerned it wouldn’t generate much excitement and go for a rather low bid. Well, by the time the bidding was over it was sold for $2,750! So we are doing dinner for 12 which will include OO’s special barbecued baby back ribs with all the fixin’s, cocktails on the croquet court and of course, evening ending fireworks. We will have a ball putting it on and it certainly is for a good cause, after all, that’s where we got Jenny a year ago! (Jenny is of course our K-9).

Now, segue into another auction item. Recently, a friend bid on and won an auction item which was dinner for ten at the Atlanta Aquarium. Frances and I were fortunate enough to be invited and it was a wonderful experience. Last Friday we drove down for the day and the evening was magical. All I could think of was, "Maw, if you could only see your grandson Osborne now"! I am attaching three photos which give you the essence of the evening. A little dark but I have not mastered the art of taking pictures with an iphone. The five course dinner was catered by Wolfgang Puck and it lived up to his reputation.   -OO