Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. Gault

By Jerry Gaudet

For those of us who came through Piedmont JHS know Mr. Dickson Gault, who was principal there.
His 98th birthday is on Monday, September 17, 2011. Sorry for this late notice but it's not too late to celebrate his birthday. What's a few days in 98 years?

 Dick is in a connected care facility. Ruth is "legally blind", suffering vision loss because of macular degeneration, but is still able to live in their apartment. Both Ruth and Dick keep plugging away and say they are "trying to do the best they can, under their circumstances". Amen to that! We should all do as much.

 A birthday card and/or an encouraging note would mean a lot to them...

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Gault
6053 Wilora Lake Rd., Apt# 136
Charlotte, NC 28212 By