Monday, October 22, 2012

Sick Bay

By Jerry Gaudet 

Thanks to Bee Garmon who shared information that Gayle (Barrier) Austin fell in her kitchen on September 16 and has spent 9 days in the hospital and 23 days in rehab, arriving back home just last Wednesday.

 Gayle says she's doing well and still getting home rehab. We have this contact information for her, Gayle Austin, her husband is Don

115 Pine Lake Dr. Monroe, NC 28110



 Please keep Patsy and Martin Hill in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to share a room at the rehabilitation center.

 Martin suffered a stroke on July 3, and Patsy is healing following pelvic reconstruction. They remain upbeat in spite of "fix" they're in.

 The rehab center was able to arrange travel so that they could attend the Oct. 6 showing of the film "Martin Hill: Camera Man", featured at the fourth-annual Modern Film Fest at the historic Gem Theatre in Kannapolis, NC. Charlotte-based director Joanne Hock spent six years filming Midland, NC resident Martin Hill and his collection of the artistic tools of master filmmakers for “Martin Hill: Camera Man.” Martin had been skeptical about the film, but liked it after all. It is now in the final stages of production. Sending them an encouraging card or giving them a call would be a big lift...

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hill, Room 207 C/O The Oaks at Town Center 6300 Roberta Rd. Harrisburg, NC 28075


On a Happier note,  Robert Clark, (who prefers being called "R.L."now)
was telling me of a very interesting bunch of his friends in the sunny climes of the Flower State. It seems that
there are two dance clubs near his home in Fairfield Glade called the SOCIABLES and the NEW GENERATIONS.
He goes on to say, "Holly and I belong to both of them. Holly is President of NEW GENERATIONS this year.. We usually have 120-150 people in attendance at each event. Each has a theme. This dance was HOMECOMING and the dress individuals’ choice. Expecting people to wear something that was relative to their homecoming. Holly is in the blue dress and I am beside her with coat and tie.

 Regards, R.L."

(R.L. included a picture of the event, but as luck would have it your loveable, almost competent webmaster couldn't open it.  The CHS54 corporation, being on the leading edge of the technological revolution purchashed new computers for the staff........without realizing that no one here would know how to use them..

But eventually we'll figure it, until then..........)