Monday, December 17, 2012

Behind the Headline

By Jerry Gaudet 

 In early December, a tragic accident was reported by the Charlotte Observer and TV stations... In a followup report...

"The mother of the man who was seriously injured Saturday night in a fall at Bank of America Stadium says her son slipped after he took a photo. Sean Michael Powers, 22, of New Port Richey, Fla., fell about 40 feet from a fourth-level ramp at the stadium, a few minutes after the kickoff of the ACC championship football game between Florida State and Georgia Tech...As of Monday, he was still in critical condition. The Tampa Bay Times reported that Powers suffered a fractured skull, a crushed kidney that had to be removed, and a broken arm.

 Kristen Evers, the injured man’s mother, told Time-Warner Bay 9 News in Tampa that her son was on his way to his seat and stopped to take a picture. After snapping the photo, she said, he slipped over a railing and fell... Evers told Bay 9 News that Powell’s brothers are having a tough time dealing with the injury. “They just lost their dad this past February, and the brothers are having a very difficult time,” said Evers, a nurse at a Tampa hospital. “Sean is deeply loved, he’s fun-loving, and his friends truly love him.”

 Most of us hearing of this incident surely felt concern for the young man, but probably soon moved on to other things. At the December's "LDL" some of us heard that Betty Palomba didn't just move on the other things as she felt great emphathy for the injured man and his mother.

 This received from Betty...

I have been in contact with Kristin Evers, the mother of Sean Powers.  Sean is the 22 year old boy that fell at the stadium and has life threatening injuries.  He had an operation yesterday but they had to stop half way because of complications.  Kristin said this morning he is  on a respirator and they are keeping him asleep.  He is in very bad condition.  Kristin flew up here the day it happened and has been by his bedside 24-7.  She has two sons, l5 and 19.  The oldest one is in college in Florida.  The reason I am writing is to ask if you can, just send her a note (card) to let her know there are people in Charlotte that are thinking about her.  There is not much one can do at this point.  I have offered our guest bedroom and we will work that out next weekl.  She does not have a car here.  She is a nurse in Florida and wants to be there, of  course, all the time.   Hopefully she will come here when he is better and get some rest and a good nights sleep.  I was not going to share this with anyone but thought at this time some cards would help lift her spirit.  
thanks in advance.  Betty
the address is: Sean Power
                       Intensive Care Unit 
                       c/o Mrs. Kristin Evers
                       CMC Hospital
                       P. O box 32861
                       Charlotte, N.C 28232

"Today, December 15th, I had the pleasure of meeting Sean's mother, Kristin Evers, at CMC.  We had lunch together after I met Sean.  Yesterday Sean had surgery on his eye and his face.  This young man has had several surgeries and may still have more in his future.  He is doing quite well at this stage of recovery.  He is still in a special unit at CMC.  He has been able to eat a soft menu, has been in a wheel chair for a short stroll.  His prognosis is very good and his mother is very positive about his recovery.  There are still a lot of questions to be answered because the doctors are taking one step at a time. There has been no discussion as to when he will be able to go home.  A lot of things still have to take place.  Kristin has been overwhelmed with the love and warmth of people here in Charlotte and I especially want to thank my friends who have sent him cards.  This means alot to both of them. Kristin's father has been there for several days and they are using the facilities the hospital has for family members.  She said it is amazing and very comfortable.  I know that she has not slept there, but she does have a shower to use and a washing machine and dryer to use.  Please keep them in your prayers of healing. This is a tough time to be away from her other two sons but they are doing well.  Maybe they will have a way to be together on Christmas.  She is just taking one day at the time.
Betty Rose Templeton Palomba       P.S. If I have left anyone out who might want to be included, please feel free to send them this email

Join Betty's lead.  Send a encouraging card.  Perhaps we can add Kristin Evers to our Christmas card list.   -JG
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