Sunday, December 23, 2012

Love Story

Jerry Gaudet sent me this Charlotte Observer article about two of our favorite classmates that we all know recently wedded, but it's nice to see such a warm story in the newspaper.  -Ed

Carol and Norman Kinzie
Carole and Norman, both 76, went steady for five years as teenagers before deciding to see others in college. Nearly 55 years later, they were put in contact by an old classmate. What started as meeting for lunch every two weeks turned into daily dinner dates.

 The couple married Dec. 2, 2012, and lives in Fort Mill.

 Norman tells their story.

 Separate ways:

After we went to college, Carole married her best friend’s brother, Larry. They had two children and settled in Rock Hill. I married Marianne; we also had two children and moved from Charlotte to Lake Norman.

 Getting together: Carole lost Larry to cancer about five years ago, and I lost Marianne to stroke and dementia more than a year ago. A classmate passed Carole’s contact information on to me, and she and I met at Olive Garden one day for lunch. It was as if no time had passed. We laughed, talked about our families and how lonely it is to lose your lifetime mate.

 Waste no time: Our preacher encouraged us not to wait to get married if Carole and I knew we wanted to be together. Our children were on board with our plans – Carole taught my kids to play bridge at our Sunday suppers – so we both are selling our homes and have moved into the Four Seasons senior community. We were married in our new home with our family and a few close friends attending. Young at heart: At our age, there are no dance recitals, T-ball or soccer games. The house and cars are paid for, so Carole and I are going on her first cruise and plan to travel America in our RV. Life is wonderful for young lovers; life can go on at any age if you think positive and find the right person.