Monday, January 07, 2013

Old Man Rant

Since the last election a new term has evolved, "Low Information Voters" to describe those who don't pay attention to politics and in fact don't give a rat's patoot about the games being played in Washington (also known as "Disneyland East.")

Personally, I'm planning on taking a sabatical from offering my advice to our ruling class.  I'll be back in four years to try to help pick up the pieces. As far as the American cultural scene is concerned, I dropped out years ago, and don't plan on returning until the radio stations start playing Frank Sinatra records again.

Speaking of "low information," the age of the average American today is 35 years old. Now what in the world do you talk about with a person who was born in 1978. 1978   graduated from high school in 1996, college in 2000.

The weather?  Sports maybe?  "Hey, how about those Skins?  What they need is a runner like Choo Choo Justice."

Choo Choo Who?

Or maybe we could have a discussion about the media, and I could tell them about WBT's all time greatest performer, and money maker,  Grady Cole.

Grady Who?

He was Charlotte's version of Arthur Godfrey.

Arthur Who?

The logical part of my brain is not at all surprised, but the other part (the "low information cells") can't believe  there are people who never heard of Grady Cole.

Grady Cole  photo by Hugh Morton

At one time he was the most famous man in North Carolina.   They used to tell the story of the limousine with the Washington DC license tag that read FDR... speeding down the back roads near Charlotte  A motorcycle cop pulled beside the car and ordered it to stop.

The driver got out and rushed over to the officer and said, "Don't you know who is in this car?"

The patrolman replied,  "I don't care if it's Grady Cole," the officer replied. "you're getting a speeding ticket."


(My thanks to the website, A View to Hugh for the Grady Cole picture and story)