Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Osborne Corner

Obie and I were talking the other day and I  happened to mention that according to a website I found called
 How Many of Me dot com, he is the only person named OBIE OAKLEY in the United States.

Then he went on to explain that his first name is really Osborne, named after some relative of his ...and by the way did I know that in Charlotte's early days, around 1900, that the square was named Osborne Corner?

"Right." and I replied, "Myers Park was named after my........."

"Now, cut that out," he said.

"Well you started it," I retorted....

Lo and Behold, I discovered that the square actually was once called "Osborne Corner,"

The Osborne Corner
This picture was taken sometime between 1891 and 1908. It shows the Osborne House, an early 19thcentury, Federal style dwelling that stood on the northwestern corner of the Square. Notice the blur of the trolley moving along Trade St. The building on the far left is the Selwyn Hotel that stood at Trade and Church Sts. New South industrialist D. A. Tompkins lived here for many years.

Now back to that website, "How Many of Me dot com," they claim that according to the latest official USA Census Figures, there are:

12 Jerry Gaudet
42 Ed Myers
5  Warren Sparrow
1 Mitzi Roper
8 Lee Shephard
125 Don Nance
58 Bob Ellis
1 Barney Lisk
2 John Talbutt
31 Linda Garmon
3 John Culp
8 Frank Clontz
99 Richard Stowe
2 Al Selby
1 Jackie Lookabill
525 Neil Jones

I've left out just about everybody, but here is the "calculator" that will allow you to find out how many people with your same name there are:
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