Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Twenty Thirteen

The year 2013 has begun.

Like you, I'm hoping for a good and prosperous year for our country and good people everywhere.

The politicians are doing everything they can to attract attention with their latest bit of "Fiscal Cliff" theatrics...and will no doubt continue on their spending spree until we actually DO go bankrupt....and implode into unimaginable chaos. Probably, not this year, but in our lifetime.

Bertha Myers
My Mom had an expression that she used a number of times, which was very similar to that purely Southern zinger, "Bless his heart."  (Translation: The Damn Fool)

She came up here one time and I introduced her to a number of my co-workers at the TV station (some of whom admittedly marched to a different drummer).

She turned to me several times and whispered, "Is he allright?"  (Translation:  He's insane, isn't he.)

I can't imagine what she would think if she were to be introduced to many of our major politicians today.

I think she would just skip all the "Is he allrights" and go right to the "Bless his Hearts."
I ran across this picture today that I'd never seen before. It sure adds drama to that period in our history known as the "Dust Bowl."


Kodak view of a dust storm Baca Co., Colorado, Easter Sunday 1935"; Photo by N.R. Stone (Circa April 1935