Friday, February 01, 2013


By Jerry Gaudet

 Betty Palomba shares an update on progress made by Sean Powers. This is an excerpt from a recent email she received from his mother whom Betty befriended during their time in Charlotte:

 "Life has been hectic to say the least! Juggling Sean's multiple appts. and rehab, plus hubby, two other sons and all of the catching-up on life after being in NC for a month! ...Sean is doing very well! We hope he will walk in 2 weeks after x-rays confirm pelvic fractures are healed! Sean was cleared by Neurologist to drive and is not taking any pain medicine at all! He still hasn't come to terms with how blessed he is, but I am hoping that will occur in time! It has been rough, and he and I have had our moments, but we are pulling through! As I told you before, he is strong--willed and stubborn!"...

 As a reminder of the original story... In early December (2012), a tragic accident was reported by the Charlotte Observer and TV stations... In a followup report..."The mother of the man who was seriously injured Saturday night in a fall at Bank of America Stadium says her son slipped after he took a photo.

Sean Michael Powers, 22, of New Port Richey, Fla., fell about 40 feet from a fourth-level ramp at the stadium, a few minutes after the kickoff of the ACC championship football game between Florida State and Georgia Tech...As of Monday, he was still in critical condition. The Tampa Bay Times reported that Powers suffered a fractured skull, a crushed kidney that had to be removed, and a broken arm. Kristen Evers, the injured man’s mother, told Time-Warner Bay 9 News in Tampa that her son was on his way to his seat and stopped to take a picture. After snapping the photo, she said, he slipped over a railing and fell...

 Evers told Bay 9 News that Powell’s brothers are having a tough time dealing with the injury. “They just lost their dad this past February, and the brothers are having a very difficult time,” said Evers, a nurse at a Tampa hospital. “Sean is deeply loved, he’s fun-loving, and his friends truly love him.”

Most of us hearing of this incident surely felt concern for the young man, but probably soon moved on to other things. At the December's "LDL" some of us heard that Betty Palomba didn't just move on the other things as she felt great emphathy for the injured man and his mother. -JG