Monday, February 04, 2013

Once aPUN a Time

Going through some of the boxes we brought up from Charlotte after my sister Kathryn and I sold our old family home, we found my high school letter. The sweater had long ago given up the ghost, but the letter itself was in pretty good shape. 

I didn’t think any more about it, until Linda surprised me with a Christmas gift of a warm cardigan (the kind I like) sweater…with the large blue C sown on the front.

Now it’s not something I wear at formal gatherings, but for working down in my home studio (also known as the basement) it’s perfect!

One of my grandsons was over the other day goofing around with my old Furman beanie and decided to try on my “letter sweater” as well.

I’m proud of the sweater and wanted you to see it.
Besides that, I’ve been dying to write a story that could be titled

The Old man and the C.

Take that…Mr. Hemingway!