Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Pole Dance your way to Success

Just yesterday on this site, the CHS54 Editorial Bored (correct) and I were worrying about the illiterate statistics in this country and even speculated about how serious it would be to live in a country full of people who couldn't read.

And today, I opened up the computer and (at first) was greatly relieved to read that the Scottish city of Dalkeith, Modlothian, like Dudley DoGood, is already on the case! And as everyone knows, "what begins in Dalkeith, doesn't end until it spreads worldwide."  Actually, no one every said that, but someday they might...if their latest  effort to increase their public's reading skills succeed.

According to the news reports, The Mayfield Library of Dalkeith is offering a free pole-dancing course to get people interested in visiting the library...and maybe even pick up a book or two while they are there.

It's all a part of  Dalkeith's  "Love your library Day."  A Great way to get the populace to read books, right?

If this insanity hasn't already caused your head to spin, there's more.

  The library is also offering a course in "Booky Table Tennis."

A game of table tennis that uses books in place of paddles, so

citizens who check out a couple of books on  "Love Your Library Day" in all likelihood don't have "reading" in mind at all.

Beam me up, Scotty.