Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Memories of Anna Shirlene McGill

By Betsy Villas White

Running through the sprinkler on a hot summer afternoon trying to win the “most graceful” contest

Sitting on the other side of Jackie Holden at the Plaza Movie Theater – Both of us holding one of his hands.

Sitting on the bottom bunk bed reading a bedtime story to Johndy and Ralph.

Watching the sunrise from her bedroom window.

The Dolly Sisters’ Act:  “We Have Been to Gay Paree”

Dancing on the table in her bedroom wearing our lavender flowered recital dresses and pantaloons.

Swinging from the rope in her Grandmother’s barn in Winnsboro.

Gathering moss and making bug houses.

Playing the Sabre Dance on her piano while I sat in the glider on the porch.

Friday shows for the neighborhood in my garage.

Movie star hopscotch.

Picnics at Suttle’s Pool

Discovering a dead man in the woods off Eastway Drive

Spending the night at my house or hers every Friday night.

Making leaf furniture in Sylvia Arnold’s yard.

Making two story frog houses in her sand box.

Seeing who could make the longest jump from her swings in the back yard.

Making houses out of newspapers in my attic on a rainy afternoon.

The Christmas we both got gold stretchy bracelets.