Thursday, April 04, 2013

April What?

Not 20 minutes after I finished writing about April Showers...and flowers....and stuff, Don and Letty Nance sent me this picture of the weather event at their house in Whythville VA today...which leaves me...well....speechless.


" I thought you might enjoy the unexpected. This afternoon Wytheville
received at least 5 inches of snow. The weather channel showed we could
receive rain. We did, but in the form of snow. The robin looks like a
Christmas tree ornament."   -Don

I've looked all over the internet and can't find anything memorable or clever that anyone ever said about April SNOW!

I guess it's like that other annual event in April, called TAXE$  that we hate talking about, but which someday might not be as dreaded as it is today.  It's called the  FLAT TAX.

Esteemed economist Dave Barry explains:

Question:  " I understand that Congress is considering a so-called 'flat' tax system.  How would this work?" 

 Answer:  "If Congress were to pass a 'flat' tax, you'd simply pay a fixed percentage of your income, and you wouldn't have to fill out any complicated forms, and there would be no loopholes for politically connected groups, and normal people would actually understand the tax laws, and giant talking broccoli stalks would come around and mow your lawn for free, because Congress is NOT going to pass a flat tax, you pathetic fool."  ~Dave Barry