Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Another Story for our Storyteller

(I got a note from Ellouise a few days ago confirming that it REALLY IS......a small world!)

"I was down south last week telling stories and it was so GOOD to be there. People were great - had a good time - with storytelling, being there and family.

It was a test - 4 cities with three different one person shows and a festival. I was probably stupid to set it up that way but I wanted to be sure I could do it. It was my first trip on my own without Jim - and there were some rough spots - but I did it and it was good. My back may be shaky sometimes but my memory seems to be holding on -

Told the new Arlington Story in Athens Ga and was really grateful for the repsonse - 60 very active seniors at my sister's group at the Catholic Center at UGA -

Reassuring as I am telling the story Memorial Day at the Women's Military Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery. A bit scared of that but loving the location - after all it will be my forever neighborhood.

Ellouise and the Kilgore Women and me

It could not have happened anywhere else but Stone Soup.  Friday I opened my story about my 9th grade teacher, Miss Janie Kilgore, and when I called her name these three gasped,looked at each other and burst out laughing,. 
I guessed it. "You know her?", I asked.

"She was our cousin," they replied.

Priceless!  Welcome back, Miss Janie.