Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Coming in Loud and Clear

First, let me say "Hello" to all of our NSA viewers.  As long as you are following along with this website, we'd appreciate it very much if you would help us find a few of our missing classmates. I'm sure that in all the emails, phone calls, etc that you are monitoring 24/7 that you know where DOY LIM is. Please let us know.

We haven't heard or seen him in years, and he was a very popular member of our class.

Thanking you in advance, your employer, former American citizen, currently American Subject,

-Ed M....oh, you know.
NSA Headquarters Fr. Meade, Md

Got my Social Security check last week, and was reminded that I've been "investing" in that "retirement plan" since I was 15 years old, and dammit, the dollars I get back each month sure are puny compared to those originally deducted from my many paychecks.

And getting "punnier." 

However, I understand that our leaders in Washington have more important things to think about besides a bunch of useless old people complaining about their "entitlement" checks.

And that's another thing. I deeply resent that "piddling" amount of "interest" on the money that I invested with the government every week for the past 62 years now being called an "entitlement."

Entitlement, Hell!
Lockbox Bank

Now, while you guys at the NSA are still listening, there's another account that I'd like to inquire about: According to Congress, it's stored away in a lockbox somewhere in Washington.  It should have the name Walter Myers on it.

That belonged to my father who was too old to be drafted for World War Two but who tried to enlist in one of the special services, OSS, I believe. In order to be eligible, he lied about his age (subtracting about 3 years) so he could help defend the country that he loved.

He passed all the tests...except one. They found issues with his heart so he never got to serve. When he finally reached Social Security Age......the government turned him down again....dredging up the "white lie" on the old OSS document. They said he was "too young" for Social Security.

He passed away before he received any of that money in his "lockbox."

NSA Customer Service Rep
So, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, I'd appreciate it if you would have the "Lockbox" keeper send me that unused money. I'm sure that would please my Dad.

And please hurry, while it's still worth a little something.

-You know who