Saturday, July 13, 2013

Forget Worrying About Drunk Drivers...

Worry about Nerds.

I don't remember where I saw the statistics, but the number of accidents caused by Nerds were something like 10 or 15 times those caused by Drunk Drivers.

Come to think of it, the author of that article was probably just using common sense instead of some kind of "official statistics," since "Nerd" is a subjective term, not an official category of citizen.


But we all know them when we see them.

They are easy to spot, especially on the highway. like the headless ones cruising along at 50 mph in the left hand lane or the ones with cellphones in their ears....

As Winston Churchill once replied to a woman who accused him of being drunk, "You're ugly madame. But,the difference is that in the morning, I'll be sober."

Driving without a steering wheel
Likewise, Nerd-dom is a permanent condition.
How it's done


(The author is a 1957 graduate of the North Carolina Highway patrol remedial driving school for going 65 miles an hour in a 55mph zone twice in 6 months. The scene of these crimes  both occurred somewhere between Charlotte and Chapel Hill. 

After graduation, his license was returned in 30 days instead of the 60 day penalty originally proscribed.  Fortunately, the Highway Patrol never inquired as to how he got from Chapel Hill to Durham, where the classes were held.)