Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Rave Reviews

That's the word from the critics who reviewed Ellouise's latest performance at the CAPITAL FRINGE in Washington.

For example:

"Schoettler's stories ... speak to the trans formative power of rituals in any person's life."   -MD Theater Guide - Reviewer Elliot Lanes

 "She closes a show ostensibly about death and loss on a note of life and hope."
-Metro Theater Arts - reviewer Leslie Weisman

 "This is one show that must be on your must see list."
"It's poignant and well, pretty darn perfect."
"Schoettler's story transcends her own familial lines."
 -dc Broadway World - reviewer Jennifer Perry 


I first heard that expression sitting in the terminal at O'hare airport in Chicago waiting for the weather to improve in the early 80's. I heard it many times after that at airport waiting rooms in New York, Boston, Nashville, Atlanta, Dallas, you name it.

When everything works right and the Gods of flight are with you, Flying is the way to go.

But, when things go wrong, look out! 

Sleeping in airport lounges is not fun. 

I'm sure that's what helped Warren and Becky decide to drive to Kansas City for their grand daughter Lydia's wedding a few weeks ago.

They broke the thousand mile trip up into 3 segments, stopping off at  Hampton Inns in Morehead, KY, and Mt. Vernon, IL, before making the last leg to Olathe, KS. 

Melanie Peele, bride's sister and maid of honor; Lydia Frances Peele, Warren, Charlotte Peele, bride's sister and bridesmaid; Lydia Rebecca, and Becky, proud grandmother. 
Photo taken at the rehearsal dinner(June 28) in Kansas City, MO

Warren told me that the long drive was downright therapeutic!

I know exactly what he means. I've always loved to drive. I was never really comfortable flying.
However, whenever I had to fly, I always sat in my favorite seat...all the way in the back of the plane.
I remember one flight that had only a few passengers on board, and I still settled in "my seat."
When the stewardess finally brought the snack tray back to where I was, she said, "I see you're a member of the club.

"The club," I asked. "What club is that?"

"The Planes Don't back into Mountains Club," she replied.