Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Is geography taught anymore in the public schools?  I seem to remember hearing that they were considering doing away with the subject because with all the upheaval in the world, geography was changing too fast for the textbooks to keep up.
Piedmont Jr. High

Maybe I dreamed that.

I enjoyed the geography course that I had at Piedmont. It was all about the Tigris and Euphrates and stuff. It was not only interesting, but I felt that I learned a lot. For example, the women washed the family's clothes in those rivers, getting the real grimey dirt out by banging them on the rocks.  I don't know why that fascinated me so, but it did.

Unfortunately, I tried that one time at camp...and ripped the Hell out of my best shirt.

But I wasn't the only kid at Piedmont who was captivated by geography.  In fact, it was the most popular subject at that school.

The reason I know that is because the library would overflow with us male scholars whenever the new National Geographic Magazine would come in.

Washing their clothes in those rivers must have ripped up a lot of their clothes too, because they didn't seem to have many.

However, there was an inverse relationship in my enthusiasm for geography and the number of facial piercings of those anatomically interesting  ladies.

And never in a million
years could I have imagined that I would live to see American women doing their damdest to look like them!       -Ed

Here comes the bride
I think I know this woman
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