Saturday, November 30, 2013

Something New at Jimmies

My old friend Frank Clontz, CHS class of '55, keeps me up to date on what's going on with those young whippersnappers of 1955.

And by golly, they're doing pretty good.  According to Frank's newsletter (which you can find each month at their main website ( Their December lunch meeting will be the 100th
class meeting since their 2005 reunion!  And rumor has it they have over $1,000 bucks in their treasury!

Marcus Hamilton our December LDL get together you will see something new at Jimmie's restaurant: Some of you may have already seen it:  an original drawing of Dennis the Menace by the great cartoonist and official creator of the current Dennis the Menace series, Marcus Hamilton. John Lomax put a frame on it and it will soon have a permanent home in Jimmie's restaurant.

I think Joan King (Hargett) is the one who discovered that Marcus lives in Mint Hill and got him to draw the picture for the 55 Class.
Jay North   THEN     and     NOW
Jay North and Friend
in Washington 1966
I understand that Joan, along with many other members of the 55 class bring items for the Matthews Help Center, a relief center that helps people in need within a five mile radius of Matthews. Joan and other movers and shakers of the 55 class like Tizzy Polk and Libby McIntyre help out a lot at the center.

TV's Dennis, Jay North is now 62 years old.
 WTOP TV's "Lookout Lee" (the forest ranger's "Lookout") is now 77 years old.

(EDITOR'S NOTE:  I realise that there's too much "Ed Myers/Lee Shephard" on this website, but this is the ONE chance in his lifetime to ever use that picture of him with Dennis Menace. Please understand.)