Friday, December 27, 2013

How to decorate a Christmas tree

As you know, the CHS54 Staff hasn't exactly been inundated with pictures of fellow CHS seniors and their families that we asked for a few weeks ago. That's understandable with the holidays and all.

And then...then....last night...about the time Santa was settling down for his long winter comes an email from Maxcyne (Mott) Yaworsky with what has gotta be the prize winning picture of the year!

It is of her sixteen year old grand daughter, Nicole Hemsley and her beautiful 21 foot tall family Christmas tree which she decorated entirely with deep purple ornaments...

with her feet.

All right, all right.......maybe she didn't do it with her feet, nevertheless, it's still this website's picture of the year!

I'm reminded of the comment that the world renound philosopher, Jerry Lee Lewis, uttered after he had performed his classic version of "There's a Lot of Shaking Going on," ...and set the piano on fire.....

"Now let me see you top THAT!"