Monday, February 10, 2014

Get Ready, Get Set.....


A famous philosopher once said that "Life is too short for cards."

He said that back in the 1800's I believe, but if he was around today he would no doubt substitute the word TV.

If anyone out there knows the phone number of the Guiness Book of World Records you might want to inform them that my wife and I finally got cable TV.  I believe we were the last people in America to get it; I'm almost positive that we were the last people in Virginia to get it.

And, it's not that we wanted it; it came free with our phone and internet service...which I am now having to pay for myself since I officially "retired" a few weeks ago.

I haven't watched TV since 1976 and frankly don't think I've missed a damn thing.  I get my news from reading, or listening to the radio.  I don't need to see someone reading it to me. I also don't need to see the pictures of gory scenes or, God forbid, plug ugly politicians or empty headed tattooed Hollywood actors and actresses.

(Now don't get me wrong, don't think I'm one of those "smarter than everybody else phonies" who is proud of the fact that he thinks the boob tube shows are "beneath" him.  Actually I stopped watching TV before it became totally insane because of my interest in photography.  I spent most of my free time at night developing film, which had to be done in the dark.  If you turned on a TV in the room, the dark would go away.  So, I got out of the habit, and never returned.)

Until this week when I turned on my very own cable TV.

It depressed the Heck out of me.  Good Lord, there are at least a thousand channels!

America is doomed.
Half the population is on dope and the other half is addicted to TV!

Who's left to notice that the corrupt politicians are taking us straight off the cliff.

(Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.  I'm going to try and concentrate on happy thoughts for the rest of the day...such as our upcoming 60th reunion in May!)