Monday, February 24, 2014

Mr. Gil Ballance Passes

Gil Ballance
Our beloved English and Radio Teacher Mr. Gil Ballance passed away this morning. He was 95 years old.

His funeral  will be at Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church in Charlotte on Friday February 28th at 11am.
Visitation will be Thursday the 27th from 2 til 4pm  and again from 6 to 8pm at Forest Lawn West Funeral Home on Freedom Drive.
His daughter Bobbi called me with this sad information.

I spoke with Mr. Ballance last week and he sounded much stronger and in better spirits than he had only a few days earlier.
I attribute his better spirits to the fact that so many of you called to wish him well and the fact that I invited him to our 60th reunion...and was planning to pick him up and take him to the event.

He had mentioned that to his daughter Bobbie...and she said that he would still be there, in spirit.

I interviewed Mr. Ballance about a year ago regarding his book, Leah's Journey Home.
I have posted a short excerpt from that interview on YOU TUBE.  Watch it here.

Rest in Peace Mr. Ballance.