Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Nothing is so GOOD that...

...the government can't screw it up!"

Not being content with destroying the world's best health care system and everything else they touch,

they have inadvertently destroyed APRIL FOOLS DAY.

Is there anything that you can say about what our government is doing ...that is so absurd, over the top, and ridiculous......that no one would believe........

and then you could surprise them and shout....APRIL FOOL!

I can't, can you?

For Example:  True or "APRIL FOOL?"

 The State Department is planning to spend $400,000 to purchase a fiberglass statue of a white camel for a new U.S. embassy being built in Pakistan, BuzzFeed first reported Monday, citing contracting records.
The sculpture, by artist John Baldessari, is of a life-size albino camel staring upward at the eye of a huge needle.