Sunday, April 06, 2014

Put it down brown, with Royal Crown

Being a Pack Rat certainly has it's downsides, especially in the twilight of one's years.
However, I'm resigned to the fact that I was born mentally incapable of throwing personal memoribilia away.

When my time comes, my wife Linda and the kids are just going to have to hire a local "We Haul Junk" company to come down here in the "Bat Cave" and take everything away.

Until then, I'll continue to share some of my "treasures" with you.

For example, here's an old friend of ours I'll bet you haven't thought about in years:

I suppose one of these days this old brochure will be one of the items the "We Haul Junk" company will be loading on their truck along with all my other "treasures."  But with a little luck, this one will still be floating around in cyberspace for a long, long time.    -Ed