Monday, May 05, 2014

Getting Ready

Preparing for the CHS54 60th!
 The committee is working like crazy to complete preparations for our 60th Reunion!

What a blast it's going to be........

Now some of you have forgotten to send in your acceptance notice (and money!) but we realize that being forgetful is not unheard of at our age.  But show up anyway, and we'll work out the details later.

Lunch time

Jerry says:

"YES!  Any late comers are welcome.  It would help us to know who will be coming telephone or email   jerrygaudet@gmail. com is preferred rather than just show up, but even that will be OK."

Your handsome, loveable, and modest webmaster won't be able to attend, much to his regret.  He is having his 78 thousand mile tuneup at the Fairfax/Inova Transmission Repair and Tatoo Parlor up here in Virginia.

 But I'll be with you for the 65th and 70th!