Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Shark and Me

 It's been suggested by some of the thousands of loyal fans of the CHS54 website that in his efforts to "keep the website fresh" your webmaster may have finally  "Jumped the Shark."

Now, I'm "hip" enough to realize that ain't exactly a compliment.  (Does anybody use that term "hip"...anymore?)

At any rate, the JTS reference was a result of the exciting and spellbinding account of Knute Reindahl...my violin maker.

(I can hear your laughter now, all the way up here in Virginia!)

OK, OK......I get it. Those emails I got ...."Hey Ed, tell us MORE about your violin maker...what kind of polish did he use.....what was the name of the horse whose tail he got the horse hair to make the bow?  etc.etc..."   I know sarcasm when I see it.

I also know what "Jumped the Shark" means.

It's a reference to the TV sitcom Happy Days when in one of the later episodes Fonzie ....is shown water sking and suddenly out of the blue, for absolutely no reason, a shark appears and the Fonz totally unfazed, simply jumps over it and the scene continues without any mention of the bizarre happening.

After that episode....the series continued on a downward path....and was soon cancelled.

The expression "Jump the Shark" has come to mean... something or someone, in this case the writers and producers, are totally out of ideas...and the "end has come."

In all seriousness, I got a couple of nice notes regarding Knute, although I know not everyone is interested in old fiddles.


However, I know what EVERYBODY IS interested in:

Seeing some snapshots of Friday night's 60th reunion...so PLEASE, you folks who had cameras there
start sending some in!!