Monday, August 18, 2014

Now They Tell Me

As young whippersnappers just starting out in the workplace, much of our time was spent thinking about "getting ahead" and being a success.

Well now I learn that what we really should have been doing was.............DOODLING.

At least that's what Suni Brown, author of the "DOODLE REVOLUTION" thinks.

 In her now famous TED talk, she proposes that doodling is deep thinking in disguise and that it is a simple, accessible tool for problem-solving in general. In fact, Brown believes doodling spontaneous marks actually helps you think.

Long dismissed as a waste of time, doodling is getting new respect.
Recent research in neuroscience, psychology and design shows that doodling can help people stay focused, grasp new concepts and retain information. A blank page also can serve as an extended playing field for the brain, allowing people to revise and improve on creative thoughts and ideas.
Doodles are spontaneous marks that can take many forms, from abstract patterns or designs to images of objects, landscapes, people or faces. Some people doodle by retracing words or letters, but doodling doesn't include note-taking.
"It's a thinking tool," says Sunni Brown, an Austin, Texas, author of a new book, "The Doodle Revolution." It can affect how we process information and solve problems, she says.

Here Are the "DOODLES" President Kenedy drew during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Another by JFK


Ronald Reagan


Frankly, in my opinion both Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama had at least ONE thing in common. They both must have been aware that their doodles were being saved by historians so there were no longer Circles and squares and swiggly lines. Somewhere in the huge Washington bureaucracy  I bet there is at least one person whose only job is drawing Presidential Doodles.
When I find him, I'll give you his name.

Ed's Doodle

Anyway, I personally tested Suni Browns theory of DOODLING as "Mental Floss" and sure enough...I tried it and immediately started thinking more clearly!
I suddenly realized that her doodle theory is a bunch of hogwash, and is about as effective as tying your shoes or taking out the garbage.
Only, with those 2 things, you at least accomplish something.