Sunday, August 17, 2014

Remember Me?

Sorry I've been away for a few weeks. I have been "down and out" with SHINGLES.

I hope to heck you never get that disease. Anyone who has ever had Chicken Pox is at risk.

Here is the internet defination:

After you have chickenpox, the virus that caused it, called varicella, remains in your body. It's always inside you, lying dormant (or asleep) in your nerve cells. At some point later in life, your immune system may weaken, allowing the virus to resurface as ShinglesYou may be feeling great, but if you've had chickenpox, the Shingles virus is already inside you. And your risk for Shingles increases as you get older.

Well, I certainly qualitied.and I suspect most of you do too, although I hope you don't get it. Lordy, Lordy, it is awfully painful! It has kept me out of commission for almost a month, and it still hasn't gone away completely.  It's only slightly improved.

Try to catch it early!  It often mimics "a heart attack."  That's the way it started with me. I wasted time getting EKG's and look  carefully for red spotches ...they can even appear on your face. The sooner you start treatment, the less severe it will be!


I can't count the number of times over my lifetime that I said to myself,
"Oh, if only I had a camera with me to take a picture of that!"

Well, now, just about all of us have one (in our mobile phones) but, more often than not, I forget about it.

So, on my 3 by 5 cards that I write down every thing I want to remember, I have added a reminder to myself that I HAVE ONE...and can take snapshots of things that, I once could only say "I wish I had a picture of that."

Mostly little things....anything that I find interesting in my day to day existence.

For example:

Now, why I find the PNC Bank poster amusing is, to me she looks a lot like Amelia Earhart.
And, you know how she wound up. Perhaps I missed the point they were trying to make, but  since i  consider myself "Mr. Average"  I figure, if it went "over my head," it probably was missed by others as well.

Amelia Earhart

Just think of the pictures we could have taken during our years at Central!

On second thought, I'm glad we didn't have them back then!

Feel free to send me any snapshots that you take during your exciting daily peregrination thrrough our "Golden Years."


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