Sunday, September 07, 2014

Flashes From the Past no particular order.

Those great peanuts in a small wax paper bag served free with every glass of fruit punch from Tanners on Tryon Street with the black lady slicing oranges in the window.  As I recall, the punch was a combination of Orange, Grape and Pineapple juice. The peanuts were the best I ever tasted and were unlike any I have ever seen since.  Someone, somewhere must know what kind they were, but I have searched high and low never even come close to finding out anything about them.

The first, and best ham salad sandwich I ever had was from the drug store counter in the Johnson

I've never been able to learn the name of the long pole that our grammar school teachers used to open the classroom windows. It surely must have a name.

I don't recall any of my Elizabeth School teachers having husbands.  Perhaps because of the war?

The first male teacher I ever had was Irv Edelman, who was my 9th grade homeroom teacher at
Piedmont. World famous author Jan Karon (Janice Wilson at Piedmont) was in that class.

Most of the boys at Elizabeth School wore knickers (made of corduroy which made  noise when you walked....which was almost as "cool" as wearing metal taps on our shoes that made sparks when walking on cement.  That was about as cool as we could get ...until pegged pants came along.

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