Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, No, it's...

Satellite Radio!

After all these years, I think Linda and I finally got a real good deal on a car.  It was "officially" a used car....however it had only been used by the dealer as a "loner."  Total mileage was 13,000 miles...which is considered "barely broken in."

Perhaps this is a gimmick that car dealers are using nowadays, I don't know, but we were very happy with the total price and the car itself.

One of its best features is Satellite Radio!  Now, I realise we have to pay to subscribe to that ourselves, when the dealer's contract with them runs out...but it hasn't run out yet, and we bought the car over a year ago!

But when it does, we'll gladly pay for it.  (I don't think it's very expensive for what we would want. I believe it's around $10 a month, but don't quote me on that.)

However if you had asked asked me before we bought the car if I wanted to have Satellite Radio installed...and pay for it. I would have said absolutely not!  We don't go on long trips anymore, and besides....etc,.etc,..etc...

You have a choice of, 100, 500...I don't know how many  channels....but the one we've chosen is the  SERIOUSLY SINATRA channel featuring the songs of Jerome KernIrving BerlinGeorge GershwinRichard RodgersHarold Arlen and other greats.

The Sinatra Channel, not only features Frank, but also most of the greatest singers of our time such as Ella, Mel Torme, Vic Damone, Nat Cole, Sarah Vaughn, Ray Charles, fact, every first rate singer you ever heard of singing "Our Songs" ...the popular Classics!

Until now, we didn't realize how much we missed listening to good music!

So glad to have it back in our lives.

An added attraction is featured singers that most of us associated only with their commercial hit songs,

such as Rosemary Clooneys "Come ona my house..." or some such awful song. No, no, none of that;

only really fine songs like,, The Nearness of You, or a Nightingale 

Sang in Berkeley Square...(pronounced Barkley) What a talent she was!  And they might feature 

Willie Nelson.....singing Autumn Leaves...with a full string orchestra!

also they play a lot of Doris Day songs....not her commercial ones, but the classics. I never 

realised the full beauty of her voice until I heard her singing great songs on Satellite Radio!

In my opinion, her very successful movie career distracted the public from realising what a

 terrific pop singer she was!

Doris at her 90th Birthday Party

By the way, Doris emerged from her more or 

less "seclusion" last April to celebrate her 90th

 Birthday!  After all these years, I still have a place in my 

heart for Doris!  Even though, she went a bit nuts

over the animal thing. 

But, Nobody's perfect.