Saturday, September 27, 2014

Memphis Belle

It was great hearing from Warren and Becky Sparrow. They continue to spend their Golden years visiting interesting places and seeing amazing sights.
They didn't have to go very far a couple of weeks ago to see one of the Greatest Generation's most historical symbols of American Heroism:  THE MEMPHIS BELLE.
Becky and Warren and the Memphis Belle at the Winston Salem Airshow

The MEMPHIS BELLE is the most famous of WW2's Flying Fortresses, the Boeing B-17 bombers, which dropped more bombs than any other aircraft in WW2; 1.5 metric tons.

The pilot was Robert K.Morgan from Ashville, NC. His plane was named after his sweetheart, Margaret Polk, a resident of Memphis, Tennessee. After completing 25 bombing missions, Morgan and his crew returned to the USA and flew the plane on recruting and war bond tours. Morgan wrote that during a flight over Ashville, he buzzed the town at a very low altitude and at one point, lowered his left wing in a 60 degree bank and flew between the City Hall and the Courthouse.

Capt. Robert K. Morgan
in later years. He died in 2004
One of the most amazing features of the B-17s was it's incredible ability to take an enormous amount
of damage...and still survive!

That old WW2 song, A WING AND A PRAYER immediately comes to mind.


PS...Thanks Warren and Becky for giving me an excuse to research
and write about one of my favorite subjects!  -Ed