Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Rambler

With apologies to our once great CHS newspaper and Warren Sparrow (who was the only student byline I ever remember seeing in that publication) I am stealing the name for this column, since it's such a perfect fit for this post.

Don Nance took a couple of snapshots of last week's LDL at Jimmies of Mint Hill.

And I was shocked to discover that only a bunch of old people showed up.


The attendees actually looked great. I've always felt that our class aged darned well. And it isn't attributable to diminished eyesight either, I really mean that!

I heard that Betsy Villas White got a very good medical report the other day.  It even brought happy tears to her doctor!

I love news like that.

That reminds me of when my Mom insisted that I take piano lesions like my sister. She had bought into the piano teacher's union propaganda that all kids should learn piano before they try to learn any other instrument. I was stubborn. I only wanted to play either the guitar or the violin.
But, for about a year, the piano teacher came to the house and gave my sister lesions, then it was my turn.

My sister was very sensitive and if she felt she hadn't done well and pleased the teacher, she would cry.

When it was my turn to show the teacher how well I had done, he would cry.


There were still occasional horse and buggies on Charlotte Streets in the 40's.  I remember an old black man named Tom used to travel up east 5th street on his way to town at least once a week.

I remember fondly the DDT trucks spraying the storm sewers.  Thank you Lord for DDT and our
leaders who were smart enough to use it.


My first bus ride cost 7 cents.

It cost 10 cents to go to the Kiddie Show at the Visualite on Saturday mornings.

A bottle of Pepsi was a nickle.

A BIG bottle of RC cola was a nickle.

Don't know when they started calling it a "Moon Pie" but the ones I ate were made by LANCE and
they were called "Big Towns."

I won't tell you who it was because you know him, so I'll call him Joe Jones. He signed his Mom's name to his report card. It would have been the perfect crime except the teacher announced to the class that he had made one little error; he had signed it "MISS JONES."

I'd love to hear from some of you.  Let me know what's happening in your exciting lives....or whatever....Me and that old Devil the SHINGLES are just sitting up here keeping on...keeping on...
I do think that SHINGLES is a sissy name for this disease, it should be called something like DEVIL FIRE FROM HELL.

If you haven't already, GET THE VACCINE.