Monday, October 27, 2014

Broccoli Rights!

"You don't have a memory problem; You have a "retrieval" problem."

You nailed it, Doc!  Although it wasn't a doctor who told me that. It was a friend of mine who made that diagnosis based on the fact that he has the same problem.
I'm positive the words and thoughts are still up there in my brain somewhere tying their shoes or something...because they eventually show up.

It's possible (and I'm the first person to make this connection)... that this is caused by eating salads!

Waiting to be slaughtered
If you don't follow the news much, you may not be aware that plants know when they are being eaten, and don't like it worth a damm! (That's according to  the latest study, no doubt paid for by our Uncle Sucker,...who may eventually get around to doing some research on  the Ebola virus ...)

Now, it doesn't take a genius to make the connection that plants, being a lot more aware and smarter than we thought they were are going to look for revenge!  And what's more logical than clogging up a few of the highways leading from our brains to our mouth!  They're up there anyway, so why not?

Prove me wrong.


(Obviously, this calls for another Government research grant.  The average cost of one of those is $450,000 thousand dollars. It just so happens that the CHS54 research department is having a half price sale this week. Contracting officers can reach our official grants department between the hours of 10 til 10:45am and 4:40 and 5:05pm weekdays.)