Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day

It used to be called Columbus Day, but Seattle, Washington has officially  renamed it Indigenous Peoples Day.
Soon, I predict our brilliant government "leaders" will make it official nationwide.
We're doomed.  Insanity rules.
This is just a small thing, but it's the latest example of  the real anti common sense bizarre behavior that has become so prevalent in our culture. How in the world did we, as a people become so stupid?
Is it the schools?  TV?  College?  Boredom? Permissiveness?
What the Hell has turned the once greatest (and smartest) nation on earth into a collective babbling idiot?
The only answer that makes sense to me is:
It's the DOPE, stupid.

People in their right minds don't act like this.

Prove me wrong.

PS...Just because Ebola and every other incurable disease imaginable is beginning to spread like wildfire into this country...if you think our leaders will do something as logical as closing down airline flights from Western Africa or securing our southern border, you are going to be very disappointed...and in fact may get yourself put on a list for "re-education camp."