Monday, October 20, 2014

What's This Young Generation coming to? !

That's not really a question. It's a statement; and it's probably been made by every adult generation since mankind crawled out of the caves.

I think it's mandatory; it's in our genes, much like the "Flight or Fight Syndrome."  When a person reaches a certain age, the words just automatically blurt out one day, much like grey hair and wrinkles.

It was even said about US!  OUR generation!

 But then, there were some of us including me who were actually "wild."  I confess! I was one of those "going to Hell in a hand basket" boys who....occasionally "talked in class," smoked a cigarette or two, drove over the speed limit sometimes, "scratched off" in front of my girlfriend's house, sported a "duck tail" haircut and pegged pants, and even "sassed my elders" once or twice! 


Then, a strange thing happened; we grew up.

That will happen with this generation too.


 It should.

I think.

Good Lord, I HOPE so!