Monday, November 03, 2014

The Smell Test

  It's downright cold here in Virginia this morning.  But, thanks to daylight savings time, and the cloudless sky this first Tuesday of November is off to a very bright start.

But still, I have that nagging fact I've had it every Autumn since 1970 that something is not right; something is missing.

And it is:  That intoxicating aroma of burning leaves!

A murdering low life named Ira Einhorn and a few others organized a brand new party for wanna be American Communists under the banner of Earth Day, to be held every year on Lenin's birthday.

Ira Einhorn

Unfortunately for Ira, he was unable to attend the subsequent celebrations since he was overseas running from the law. The police didn't discover that he had murdered his girl friend, Holly Maddux until 18 months later when they discovered her body in a trunk in Einhorn's closet.  It had been packed with Styrofoam, air freshners and newspapers.

...and he was complaining  about the odor from burning leaves?

At any rate, Ira and his buddies proposed the ban on leaf burning because it was known to raise the Earth's albedo (reflectivity)...which "bounced" away the sun's rays...and kept the earth from "warming," In 1970 the Enviro Nuts had determined that the planet was being destroyed by Global Cooling!

Obviously, banning leaf burning worked. It caused the heating effect of the sun to increase enough that we averted a new ice age.

Those leaves are now packaged in plastic bags and driven by fossil fuel trucks to landfills where those who know say that they rot and generate heat and methane without liberating clean carbon dioxide that would have been used via photosynthesis to increase the forest and ground cover.

Earth Day, 1970

There are now some serious proposals suggesting that the government should begin injecting particulate matter into the atmosphere at great cost with the hope of increasing the "albedo."

Beam me up, Scotty.