Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pictures of Yesterday's LDL

To quote the famous Senator Claghorn, "That's a joke, son!"

Apparently, everyone attending the LDL events is so busy having a great time that nobody remembers to take snapshots and send me copies to put up on the website!  I haven't received any for months!

Those of us who live too far away to attend these happy events would love to see some of our old buddies shoveling down calories at Jimmies!

Oh well, maybe next time.

One of my favorite "over the transom" publications is the Quora Digest.
Here is their latest list of "products you didn't even know existed:"

The Heated Butter knife

The Onion Holder

The sofa to bunk bed

The Suitcase Scooter   Why carry a suitcase when a suitcase can carry you?


Last but not least......

My favorite.......


And, just in case you don't remember who Senator Claghorn was..

  but I bet that you do......