Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Truth and Nothing But...

The Editorial Department here at the CHS54.NET complex was pleased to receive  this true life adventure story from one of our all time favorite writers, Warren Sparrow!

Ed, Hope all is well.  Your latest plea has reminded me of one of my "finest(?) hours." Actually, it only lasted a few seconds. Listen to this....

Once upon a time I was a lawyer, a proud member of the Forsyth County, North Carolina, Bar. In addition I was "on the court-appointed list." Being on the list brought me in contact with folks who were truly "down on their luck." One of them was charged with two counts of armed robbery of an apartment-management office run by two women. The police had arrested him not long after the incident, fairly confident that he had done the crime. He had been thrown in the clink, unable to post bond pending trial. I was appointed to defend him. Naturally, I went to see him. He denied any involvement in the crime. I was skeptical but was determined to mount a vigorous defense. A few weeks passed and the trial date was at hand. I returned to the jail for a final meeting.

After a few tense moments of my telling him things did not look good, my client expressed disbelief, saying "You ain't come up with nothing yet?"

My response was "Yes!"

I had come up with the fact that two women had told the police that you threatened to kill them with a knife, pushed them into a utility closet and ran off with the rent money they had collected.

He was convicted and was sent to prison. The story does not end there. Many years later he was released from prison and got a job at a local restaurant, one I frequented. I saw him there. He was cordial. Actually, he was down-right friendly.

By the way, that client's name is Moses. He did not write the Ten Commandments. I am not sure if he ever read them.


 Thanks Warren.  Next time you dine at that restaurant, I hope you take along your "official taster."
 By the way class,  before retiring, Warren had become the District Attorney for Forsyth County (Winston Salem, etc.)