Saturday, January 31, 2015

Big Boy Pants Can Wait

 Try as I might, it's hard not to constantly be reminded of my advanced age.

Bobby Burris
Just yesterday, as I was in the middle of deep thought concerning how much better the Central Wildcat football team of 1953 would have been if only Bobby Burris hadn't broken his arm during  a practice drill just before our season opener...when my day dream was interrupted by a caller on the radio bragging about how he was so old that he remembered watching SUPER BOWL number 32 "way back when."

Joe Namath Super Bowl 3
Hell, I remember Super Bowl ONE!  Although I sometimes confuse it with the one in which Joe Namath  boldly guaranteed a Jets' victory over  Don Shula's NFL Baltimore Colts and then made good on his prediction with a 16-7 win for the Jets.

That was Super Bowl 3 in 1969.

Other than the two Super Bowls the Redskins were in, I've pretty much ignored them, much as I've always tried to avoid most  forms of "group think."  But that's just me. Unlike an article I read today by  Jared Taylor, writing in The American Thinker, I'm not against others doing what they enjoy.

"Nothing is so colossally, magnificently unimportant as professional sports. Unless you have money on the game, whether the Bumble Bees beat the Polar Bears has real-world consequences that can be measured to a value of precisely, exactly, irrefutably zero. Win or lose, nothing changes. No one has been fed or clothed, nothing has been produced, no problem solved -- it’s a gigantic waste of time. And yet the happiness of millions hangs in the balance. There are fully grown adults who seem to care more about a game than the results of a biopsy.
 Sports are a great way to fill an empty mind. People who can’t name the last 10 presidents can proudly tell you who won the last 10 Super Bowls. And sports make boobs into experts; people with no discernible opinion on anything else can tell you why it was a mistake to trade away the second-string quarterback. The more a man knows about professional sports the more I wonder about his judgment. -Jared Taylor"

Interesting, but we do lots of things that one could call a gigantic waste of time. It's called living.  Anything can be taken too far, and too seriously.

And are there more than our share of "boobs" running around loose?

You bet!

As the great philosopher, my Mom, used to say,  "This country is Ball Crazy!"

Meanwhile, have fun tonight; stuff yourself, drink plenty of...whatever floats your boat....Cheer, Laugh, belch, and enjoy the Super Bowl!  That's what I'm going to do.


The good news is that you aren't
as important as you thought you were.
Relax. The weight of the world
is not on your shoulders.
Take a day off.
Go for a long silent walk in the woods.
The world will still be there tomorrow -
as good and as bad as ever.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie