Wednesday, January 14, 2015

World Wide Web

I love the Internet!

I never got over the fact that  I could talk to one of my little friends from one end of my yard at East 5th Street to the other using two tin cans and a string.

And the telephone!  Good grief, I still think that's a miracle.

Radio?  Well, I had no problem believing that Santa didn't really exist, but I'm still not convinced that there's not really a little man inside my radio doing the talking.

And seeing pictures flying through the air via TV blew me away.

And finally, the INTERNET!

I jumped on that puppy like a tornado in a trailer park.  It was called the World Wide Wait back then, because it took so long to go from one page to another. 

Now if it takes more that 2 seconds most people simply click on something else!

I say all that to say this:  l enjoy the heck out of getting emails from my old Wildcat friends...and especially the ones that include interesting pictures and articles that I may have missed.  (There's so much out there that no one person can find them all.)

Bob Ellis is particularly adept at finding "amazing" stuff and bouncing my way. Here are some pictures he found that I think you will find as interesting as I did!

Keep 'em coming, Bob!


American Gothic Models

Hollywood Sign 1923 (Orig HollywoodLand)

Onlookers at Challenger Disaster 1985

The Iceberg that sunk the Titanic 1912 Notice red and black paint

Washington Monument  when funds ran out 1857

Wilbur Wright buzzing the Statue of Liberty 1909

Woodstock 1969
Thanks Bob!