Thursday, February 05, 2015

Sad News

I got a note from Frank Clontz, CHS Class of 55, and friend and neighbor of Linda Garmon Huggins...and the news is not good:

"I just talked with her husband and Linda is currently at a Hospice House in Florence, SC and has been in, basically, an induced sleep the past three days.  She, in just the past month went from doing pretty good to very bad and the doctor told her husband today that it is a matter of a week or less.  I’m sorry to report this information and not kept your class members up to date on her but although she suffered a great deal over the past five years and only after getting away from all treatments did she feel like visiting and traveling some.  As I said, it was only in the past four weeks that she went from feeling good to her current condition. 

Just wanted to let you guys know and I’m attaching my Newsletters for your entertainment or whatever.  I have been writing one a month for about three years now as we noticed some time ago that very few people viewed our website.  Since the death of Len Phillips, owner of WAGL Radio and the fact that his employees uploaded data to the website and I’ve been unable to get the password, (trying since last August) the website went dead yesterday…….."

Frank's newsletters are very good!  Lots of news of the Class of 55.  I'll be talking with him in the next day or so...and see if I might be able to help with the website and also upload Frank's current newsletters.

Stay tuned.